Although it might seem like an easy thing to grasp, knowing what a healthy brain might
be is a lot more complex than just being mentally sound of mind. There are a mind-
boggling amount of systems and structures with moving chemicals to take into account,
and people have only just begun to map a fraction of this extremely complex organ.
Since these terms could be considered somewhat nebulous from a certain point of view,
this article will just be a brief overview of what science understand today.
Cognitive Function
When your mind is functioning on a healthy level, your cognitive abilities will be working
properly. This usually means that your normal ability to process information and make
decisions based on the information that youíve received makes sense and follows a
proper path. When people who have cognitive disorders receive information, they might
not be able to reach those conclusions, or make choices because they canít hold onto
or parse the information in the way it was given to them.
Behavioral Attributes
There are faculties that control how well we relate to others in social situations. There
are parts of the mind that basically tell you what kinds of things are appropriate and
which are not. Someone with developmental disorders might not understand the context
of some social cues, leading to a misunderstanding. Overcoming those sorts of issues
will take widespread education and sensitivity training.
Electrophysiological Efficiency
Anytime you think anything, or breathe, itís happening because your brain is running the
show. Even behind the scenes, there are all sorts of electrochemical signals that are
being passed through your brain. When the conditions that facilitate the passage of
these signals isnít entirely right, then there could be signal loss, and thus brain
malfunctions. When you donít drink enough water, your cells have a harder time
sending and receiving these signals. If it gets to a really serious point, then the final
outcome is death.
Another extremely important part of having a healthy brain is proper blood flow. When
your brain is healthy it will be able to tell the heart to pump blood at a certain rate that is
needed for you to get whatever you need done. When your brains becomes blood
deprived, the immediate result can be unconsciousness. If prolonged for even a few
moments, the result can also end in death, so it is important to make sure that you have
good circulation in your entire body.
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